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05, 2022
Difference Between Stone Polymer Composite flooring (SPC)  And PVC Floor
Stone plastic floor is a kind of domestic name, refers to PVC sheet floor, because PVC sheet floor is the main raw material is natural stone powder, the wear-resistant layer is PVC material.
04, 2022
What is The Skirting
The line that plays a base, it is very easy to overlook part of home decoration, it is an unremarkable and smaller part, but it is undeniable that the line that plays a base is also very important.
03, 2022
Stone Plastic Composite Flooring(SPC) Fire Rating
The fire resistance of the floor is an important index of China's building materials combustion performance will be divided into class A (incombustible materials).
02, 2022
How to Install SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring
First, in floor detection, the use of a temperature hygrometer to detect temperature and humidity, indoor temperature, and surface temperature to 15℃ is appropriate.
01, 2022
SPC Wood Grain Flooring
SPC wood grain flooring is very suitable for the renovation of old houses. Stone plastic composite floor, not only can be used for ground pavement, to improve the foot feeling.