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What is The Skirting

The line that plays a base, it is very easy to overlook part of home decoration, it is an unremarkable and smaller part, but it is undeniable that the line that plays a base is also a very important part of, not play a crural line or the line that play a base set unreasonable, easy to cause the lack of a visual and function, so what is the line that plays a base, the line that plays a base is higher, what color should be used for the skirting line, and what material should be used for the skirting line? This article will introduce it in detail.

First, what is the skirting line?

The skirting line is the structure where the inner side of the outer wall and the two sides of the inner wall meet the indoor floor. On the one hand, the effect of the skirting line is to prevent the pollution of the metope when sweeping the floor, and the main effect is moistureproof and protection of the wall. The baseboard material is generally the same as the ground.

The function, height, and color of the skirting line

The skirting line hides the seam between the interior wall and the floor and is used to protect the wall from wear and tear and floor cleaning tools.

Features and Advantages About SPC Skirting

* High strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, health

* Fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, moisture-proof, environmental protection

* Any color and design are available

* Good appearance and resistance to discoloration

* Lightweight, easy to install, and clean

* Durable, long life

* Competitive price and high quality.

The Best Choice of Foot Line Height

How high to set the line that plays a base is better, in order to obtain a better visual effect, the setup of the line that plays a base must according to the proportion and functional, the general play crural line height is 8-12 cm high, less than 8 cm, asymmetric ratio, can't make out the meaning and visual effect, higher than 12 cm, is too bold, feel a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.

Choose The Color of The Skirting The Line

The line that plays a base color is also according to different places to choose, in general, the line that plays a base often than floor color deep, so have a comparative, can show the effect, but also should and wall and functional areas to match, such as the kitchen and the bedroom play crural line generally, the bedroom is private space, and the kitchen gives priority to in order to function, easy to dirty, so in many cases, Their color is different, of course, big space and small space also are different, the kicking line of small space wants a bit lower than big space commonly, for instance, small space is more 8, 10CM, big space is more 10, 12CM.

Therefore, in home decoration, we must pay attention to the decoration of the skirting line, it is the part of the function and decoration coexist, is an important place playing the role of visual balance, it uses its own linear feeling and material, color and so on in the indoor echo, played a better beautification and decoration effect.

Classification and Application of Baseboard Material about SPC Skirting

SPC,WPC,PVC and other materials of the skirting line are also more popular, they gradually replace the solid wood material and ceramic tile material of the skirting line, the price is cheap, you can choose more colors and styles, can match different decoration style, decorative effect is also very beautiful.