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SPC Flooring Accessories

SPC Flooring Accessories

SPC flooring accessories include skirting, t-molding, reducer, end cap, quarter round, and stair nose. These years skirting and t-molding are most popular among customers.

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SPC T Moulding

T-moulding is used to create transitions between two floors of equal thickness. T molding is a plastic molding edge used in a variety of products, such as tables, counter tops, and boats.
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SPC Reducer

The floor decoration reducer, made by SPC, is suitable for all kinds of thicknesses of the floor. 100% raw material, reducers are used to transition from laminate flooring to floors of different heights, with a minimum height difference of 1/4 inch.
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SPC Flooring Skirting

To cover the lowest part of an interior wall. SPC flooring skirting provides a functional gap between the furniture, floor, and walls. This is important for the long-term protection of the walls of the house.
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Vinyl Floor End Cap

Caps off flooring and helps protect from damage. The vinyl floor end cap is a right-angled piece of wood that finishes the floor with a bit of wood covering the top and edges of the floor.
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SPC Quarter Round
To cover up gaps and imperfections between the base and the floor. The SPC quarter round is another styling style and is often paired with baseboards to hide gaps and imperfections between the foundation and the floor.
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SPC Stair Nose
The SPC stair nose is used to round the top, level surface of the staircase. Not only does it provide a unique finish to the edge of the step, covering the exposed edges of the surface material, but it also helps to make the step safe to walk on.
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Why Choose Chongnuo SPC Flooring Accessories

Why Choose Chongnuo SPC Flooring Accessories

Complete Flooring Project

Chongnuo oem spc flooring accessories will help put the finishing touch on your flooring project. 

Same Color

Our moldings feature the same colors as our spc vinyl flooring series.

Perfect Match

Our SPC flooring accessories ensures that you'll have the perfect match.

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