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SPC Floor Adopts High-Class PVC and Natural Stone Powder with Click Lock Joint
SPC floor adopts high-class PVC and natural stone powder.
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SPC Flooring
Wood Pattern
SPC Wooden flooring is the most popular form of parquetry in use today, incredibly hard-wearing. The pattern enables a plethora of colours and grains to be displayed side by side.
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SPC Flooring
Marble Pattern
Marble SPC flooring is made from limestone and PVC with UV coating on the surface. All the engineered treatments make it ultra-durable, more affordable, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns.
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SPC Flooring
Carpet Pattern
It stands for stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite. The mainly material is limestone and PVC which makes the flooring so incredibly durable. Because of the vinyl content, it has certain flexibility on a stable basis.
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SPC Flooring
Herringbone SPC Flooring
An innovative SPC vinyl in herringbone stylish will change your living space. This China SPC vinyl flooring is the next revolution in the flooring industry.
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SPC Flooring
SPC Flooring Accessories
They are designed to complement the collection of China SPC vinyl plank flooring. For safety, a seamless flow, and a custom look, combine transitional pieces with trim.
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Our factory Chongnuo is a professional SPC flooring manufacturer which is engaged in the research development production, sale, and service of SPC flooring. With our reliable manufacturing, innovative engineering, and responsive services. Chongnuo has been serving customers in over 40 countries and achieved great customer.
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SPC Flooring & Accessories
SPC Flooring Rigid Core
SPC Rigid Core

Chongnuo, a leading China SPC plank flooring manufacturer, offers authentic rigid flooring products. The popular product, Rigid Core flooring mixed Calcium and PVC powder in a certain proportion to form a composite material with unique features and attributes, enhancing the pressure resistance capacity.

Fireproof of Vinyl Flooring

Chongnuo Floor has the SPC Rigid Core, make it fire resistant and free toxic gases.

Vinyl Flooring is Eco-friendly

Chongnuo Floor is produced by 100% virgin materials, to get superior product with same quality. No impurities and no heavy metals to take care of the health of you and your family.

Waterproof of SPC Flooring
100% Waterproof

Chongnuo floor can make 100% waterproof because of its SPC Rigid Core waterproof flooring installation. Chongnuo China SPC flooring is your best flooring option to avoid moisture issues and mildew issues. 

Antislip And Comfortable about SPC Flooring
Antislip and Comfortable

Chongnuo floor has a high-quality embossed wear layer, Chongnuo China SPC flooring can effectively prevent slipping and keep the color for a long time. Chongnuo floor with additional IXPE padding for excellent sound and shock absorption and increased comfort.

Lock System Installation about SPC Floor
Lock System Installation

Chongnuo floor features a unilin lock system installation. Unclick system makes it easy to install Chongnuo floor, like China SPC vinyl plank flooring, even by diy. Achieving a perfect finish for every renovation and new construction project is attainable with Chongno floor.

Durable about Vinyl Flooring

Chongnuo's SPC flooring wholesale is designed with durability and wearability. As a leading SPC floor factory in China, Chongnuo features our flooring products with a SPC rigid core with unclick locking system and a high-grade wear layer to make sure 15 years for commercial and 20 years for residential.

SPC Floor in Living Room
SPC can give a look similar to tile or hardwood, it is much softer underfoot, it provides a comfortable surface, which is particularly helpful in bathrooms where slip-and-fall accidents are common on wet floors.
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SPC Floor in Bedroom
Dimensional stability is good, assure the aperture between the floor in using a process is lesser, not easy arch, comfortable foot feel, suitable for elder and children.
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SPC Vinyl Flooring for kitchen
Look for a stain-resistant or waterproof floor, safety first, low maintenance and perfect seamless, so SPC is the most suitable choice for kitchen.
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SPC Floor for Stairs
100% waterproof, moistureproof, easy to install and clean.
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Hotel Vinyl Flooring
The environment of the hotel is special, SPC flooring has the ability of anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, anti-slip, and wear resistance.
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Vinyl Flooring for Schools
Environmentally friendly and durable, formaldehyde free, no heavy metals, easy to clean, suitable for educational places.
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Vinyl Flooring for Office
Wear resistant, silent, easy to install, ready to use. SPC flooring is the first choice for office space.
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Vinyl Flooring for Retail Shop
SPC flooring has a variety of patterns, suitable for different store designs. Good wear resistance and durability, and the service life can reach 15 years.
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Seamless Flooring Solutions: Why SPC Reducers Matter
22. Apr 2024
In the world of modern interior design, flooring plays a crucial role. It not only adds functionality to a space but also contributes to aesthetic appeal. And when it comes to seamless flooring soluti...
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Industrial Chic: SPC Reducers Transforming Warehouse Flooring Designs
19. Apr 2024
In the realm of industrial spaces, where functionality meets aesthetics, SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring has emerged as a game-changer, providing a perfect balance between durability and design...
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Educational Elegance: Enhancing Schools With SPC Reducers
16. Apr 2024
As educational institutions strive to create a conducive learning environment for students, the importance of building design and infrastructure cannot be underestimated. One crucial element often ove...
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