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CHONGNUO's SPC Flooring Living Room Soundproofing Effect In-depth Test

Skyscrapers stand tall, and a quiet home environment is particularly important for the physical and mental health of family members. Good sound insulation between floors helps to form harmonious neighborhood relationships, especially in key areas of the home such as the living room, where the quality of sound insulation directly affects the leisure quality of family members. In recent years, Chongnuo's SPC flooring living room has become a popular choice for many consumers due to its excellent performance and elegant appearance. So, how effective is SPC flooring living room in soundproofing the living room? This article will reveal the answer through rigorous empirical data.

Experimental Design and Preparation

In order to comprehensively evaluate the soundproofing performance of SPC flooring living room, we carefully selected a representative living room environment and developed a detailed experimental plan. First, we installed SPC flooring in the living room and placed various sound sources such as TVs and speakers on the floor to simulate the noise environment of daily life. Next, we set up high-precision sound receivers at different locations in the living room to record the decibel levels at each position.

Experimental Process and Data Recording

During the experiment, we simulated noise environments at different times and volumes and recorded the decibel levels at different locations in the living room. At the same time, we conducted comparative tests with traditional flooring under the same conditions. By comparing the data, we can intuitively see the excellent soundproofing performance of Chongnuo's SPC flooring living room, which effectively blocks the spread of noise.

Analysis of SPC Flooring Living Room Soundproofing Effect

The experimental data shows that Chongnuo's SPC flooring living room has far superior soundproofing effects in the living room compared to traditional flooring. This is mainly due to its unique material and structure. The surface of SPC flooring living room is made of high-density materials, which have excellent soundproofing properties; meanwhile, its multilayer structure can effectively block the propagation of sound. Therefore, installing SPC flooring in the living room can significantly reduce noise interference and create a quiet and comfortable resting environment for family members. Additionally, Chongnuo's SPC flooring living room is made from formaldehyde-free PVC and calcium powder, produced through extrusion and lamination technology, making it safer, more environmentally friendly, antibacterial, mildew-proof, and odorless compared to traditional wooden flooring.