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09, 2023
What Is SPC Flooring? What Advantages Does This Type of Flooring Have Compared to Solid Wood Flooring?
SPC flooring is a new type of composite flooring material made from natural wood. It is a multi-layer solid wood composite flooring made from natural wood that has been mechanically processed. It uses...
09, 2023
Is SPC Flooring Really Good?
The types of floorings for home decoration are diverse. For example, SPC flooring, which many friends may not be familiar with. SPC flooring is a new type of flooring, also known as stone plastic floo...
09, 2023
What Are the Advantages of SPC Flooring in Functionality?
You may know common types of flooring materials such as marble, ceramic tile, and hardwood flooring, but you may not know what SPC flooring is.In fact, this type of flooring is not a new product. It h...
09, 2023
What Are the Accessories for SPC Flooring?
SPC flooring accessories include baseboards, T-molding, reducers, end caps, quarter rounds, and stair nose. Over the years, baseboards and T-molding have been the most popular among customers.SPC floo...
08, 2023
Methods for SPC Floor Maintenance
SPC flooring reduces wear and tearIf possible, take off your shoes when walking on the floor to reduce the chance of being scratched by rocks and sand.When moving furniture, use quarter-inch plywood a...
08, 2023
How to Maintain SPC Flooring?
SPC flooring has gained its popularity in the flooring industry for many reasons, including its rich history, manufacturing methods, and various functions.However, one of the reasons it is popular is ...
06, 2023
Analysis of Several Advantages of SPC Flooring
SPC flooring is a new type of flooring, also known as stone plastic flooring. Its full name is Stone Plastic Composite Flooring. It is a composite sheet made by mixing calcium powder and thermoplastic...
06, 2023
Complete Step-by-Step Guide of SPC Flooring Installation
Many users interested in SPC flooring will pay attention to a question: is SPC floor easy to install? Today, we will give you a detailed introduction on how to install it.Preparations before installin...
06, 2023
SPC Flooring Installation Requirements
It is often said that SPC floor has high requirements for the construction site. So, what aspects should be noted? Today we will specifically explain the installation requirements of SPC floor.Ground ...
06, 2023
Amazing Replacement of SPC Floor for Home Renovation
In the new era of continuously improving aesthetics, more and more people are paying attention to the quality and style of their lives. However, traditional outdated renovations no longer meet the new...
06, 2023
New Eco-Friendly SPC Floor
SPC floor has swept the worldIn recent years, there is a type of flooring that has become incredibly popular worldwide, and has captured half of the home building materials market in Europe and Americ...
05, 2023
Common Problems and Failure Analysis of Environmental Protection SPC Floor
FAQ of Eco-Friendly SPC FlooringQ: Can it be used with floor heating?A: Yes. It is very suitable for floor heating and has faster heat dissipation compared to other flooring materials.Q: Can it be dir...