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SPC Floor Application

The advantages of wide application antislip SPC flooring are waterproof, antislip, and eco-friendly. It is getting more and more popular in modern life with commercial value and easier installation.

Vinyl Flooring Application in Different Scene

SPC Floor in Living Room

Living Room

SPC Vinyl flooring application can supply eco-friendly enviroment for living room.
SPC Floor in Bedroom


SPC Vinyl floor application lets you have comfortable feet in the bedroom.
SPC Vinyl Flooring for kitchen


SPC Vinyl floor application makes it easier to clean the kitchen.
SPC Floor for Stairs


The wide application antislip of spc flooring is better choice which you can diy your stairs with.
Hotel Vinyl Flooring


Fireproof, and waterproof are the most important reasons for hotels to choose SPC flooring.
Vinyl Flooring for Schools


SPC Vinyl flooring application give kids an formaldehyde-free school area.
Vinyl Flooring for Office

Office Building

Fast install spc flooring support your office into use as soon as possible.
Vinyl Flooring for Retail Shop

Shopping Mall

You can also spot the wide application of antislip spc flooring in shopping malls.