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What Are the Advantages of SPC Flooring in Functionality?

You may know common types of flooring materials such as marble, ceramic tile, and hardwood flooring, but you may not know what SPC flooring is.

In fact, this type of flooring is not a new product. It has been very popular in the foreign market for several years, but it has not been widely recognized in China. This is mainly due to the poor acceptance of new things by many people. Now, as green and healthy lifestyles are becoming more popular, natural and healthy green materials like SPC flooring have become the focus of many people. So, what are the specific advantages of SPC flooring in functionality?

Healthy materials of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is an abbreviation for stone plastic composite material. It is not like composite wood, but more like composite stone. Its raw material is polyester vinyl resin, and it has also strengthened the performance of PVC material. At the same time, it is extruded by T-shaped molds, which also avoids the internal sandwich glue in the process. As a result, its functions are more abundant, and it can be non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, 0 pollution, and have renewable materials. Even in the future, SPC flooring should be able to be recycled and reused like plastics. In this way, it can reduce everyone's renovation costs.

Cheap price of SPC flooring

Many people think that green and healthy materials are expensive, but this is not always the case. Although its materials can meet the criteria of 0 pollution, and its waterproof, anti-low temperature and other effects are very outstanding, its price is quite reasonable, much cheaper than solid wood flooring. However, compared to composite flooring, it is slightly more expensive, but its natural pollution-free characteristics can make up for the lack. Overall, whether it is the price or cost-effectiveness, SPC flooring has very outstanding characteristics.

Good anti-slip effect of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is suitable for most rooms, whether it is a bathroom or balcony. As a bathroom flooring material, it is not only 100% waterproof, but also its anti-slip effect is equally important. Otherwise, why are non-slip tiles so popular in the bathroom now?

The anti-slip index of SPC flooring is not weaker than that of anti-slip tiles because its surface nanofiber material will cause a rough feeling when shoes touch it, whether it is slippers or ordinary flat shoes.

This unique feature of being rough when encountering water causes its friction to increase rather than decrease after getting wet, so its anti-slip effect is worth affirming. If there are elderly or children in the house, it is recommended.

Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant of SPC flooring

The service life of a floor often depends on its wear resistance. Many ceramic tile floorings, after ten or twenty years, will show signs of aging on the surface glaze, which will directly cause the inside of the tiles to be contaminated and difficult to clean. Wood flooring is prone to all kinds of scratches and over time, it will look both pockmarked and very visually unappealing. Moreover, it will also greatly reduce the lifespan of the wood material from the inside out.

SPC flooring is characterized by being wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Because the material is stone plastic composite, its hardness is very high. Although the thickness of the board is relatively thin, it does not affect its durability.