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Stone Plastic Composite Flooring(SPC) Fire Rating

The fire resistance of the floor, is an important index of China's building materials combustion performance will be divided into class A (incombustible materials), B1 level (flame retardant sex building materials), B2 (combustible construction materials), and B3 level (flammable materials) four levels, which is the fire rating so stone floor level?

According to the provisions of the state, the regular production of SPC stone plastic floor, the fire rating is required to reach B1 level standards, that is, there is a good flame retardant effect, in the air in the open fire or under the action of high-temperature fire, not easy to spread quickly, and when the fire is removed after burning immediately stop; Good stone plastic floor in passive lighting produced by the smoke will not harm the human body, will not produce asphyxiation of toxic and harmful gases.

Therefore, SPC stone plastic floors with good fire performance, are widely used in public places with higher requirements in fire prevention and other fields.

Which is Good? SPC Floor Or Solid Wood Floor?

The choice of floor is varied when buying, we should pay attention to the performance of the floor, such as fire performance, etc., the floor as we work and live every day will be exposed to the ground material, it is necessary to choose products with a high fire rating. A solid wood floor is a more commonly used floor, compared with a stone plastic floor.

Fire Performance about SPC Flooring And Solid Wood Floor

1, solid wood floor is made of solid wood, wood is flammable, its fire performance is usually lower than the stone plastic floor, according to the division of fire rating, solid wood floor is generally B2 level floor, that is, combustible building materials, although there is a certain flame retardant effect, in an open fire or high temperature will burn.

2, the stone plastic floor is made of PVC material plus calcium powder, additives, and other materials, after high temperature calendering, surface plus wear layer production, its material is relatively high temperature resistant, has a good flame retardant effect, fire grade B1.

To sum up, in terms of fire performance, SPC stone plastic flooring is better than solid wood flooring.