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SPC Wood Grain Flooring

SPC wood grain flooring is very suitable for the renovation of old houses. Stone plastic composite floor, not only can be used for ground pavement, to improve the foot feeling, but also can be on the wall. Disassembly is easy and reusable. SPC wood grain flooring, used for home decoration is very perfect presentation, and does not contain heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances, but is also more economical than the floor tile.

General Home SPC Floor Can Also Be Used Twice

When paving SPC, first of all, to ensure that the ground level, can do self-leveling, the ground level can be directly paved, does not need to use glue, and directly laid on the ground.

Like the bedroom, the sitting room, in foreign home decoration market renovation is very popular, because the lock floor free glue shop is installed, both time saving and money saving, very simple, the installation of SPC lock floor need to pay attention to, must be locked up closely, ensure that the ground level, otherwise easy to damage the floor lock.

I decorate a floor to want to save money, can shop above the floor directly outfit, need not knock old ceramic tile again, the lock is joined together, and the shop is finished to be able to use.

Epoxy resin and calcium powder are the main raw materials of SPC. With three or four roller calenders respectively wear layer, color film layer, base material layer one-time extrusion. The production process does not use glue, safe and environmental protection, and does not contain heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances is a new type of environmental protection material invented in response to national emission reduction.

SPC Wood Grain Floor Has The Characteristics of Anti-mildew

It has a strong killing ability to the vast majority of bacteria, easy to clean and maintain. SPC floor also has superior waterproof and moisture-proof, very well extended its service life, for the user to save a lot of extra expenses. In addition, it still has all sorts of individual character decorative patterns, which can let the user choose the floor that suits according to decorate the style.

SPC indoor floor is also known as the stone plastic floor, or stone crystal floor, has been widely used in People's Daily life, now abroad is a very popular new type of environmental protection composite floor.