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How to Install SPC Floor and Matters Needing Attention

Before laying the SPC floor, ensure that the self-leveling floor is flat and completely dry, and sweep the floor clean.

Ⅰ. The installation method and steps of SPC floor

1. Put the lock SPC floor in a room temperature environment, so that the thermal expansion and cold contraction rate of the SPC floor can be adapted to the laying environment. Generally, it is the best to install after 48 hours. You can also lay a layer of moisture-proof mat before paving.

2. When paving, the paving should start from the corner of the wall, and the male tenon should be facing the wall. When paving, generally follow the order from the inside to the outside, and from left to right.

3. Insert the male groove of the end of the second floor into the female tongue groove of the end of the front floor at an angle of about 45°, and press it gently to make it completely fit.

4. When paving the second row of floors, insert the male tenon on the side into the female tenon groove of the first row of floors and press it lightly to make it fully fit; then tap the right end of the floor with a rubber hammer to make the SPC The male tongue on the left end of the floor is also inserted into the corresponding female tongue groove.

5. Install skirting and closing strips.

6. After the construction is completed, use a semi-dry mop to clean the SPC floor.

Ⅱ. The installation of SPC floor matters needing attention

1. Partition problem: The continuous laying length of the lock SPC floor is generally 5-10 meters, or 50 square meters. If it exceeds this range, pressure strips are required for partition.

2. Expansion joints: An expansion joint of about 4-10 mm should be reserved between the lock SPC floor and the wall. The greater the laying distance, the wider the reserved expansion joints to prevent thermal expansion and contraction. In order to keep the width of the expansion joints consistent, wedges of the same thickness can be used to fix them to the wall. When installing the SPC floor, the edge of the SPC floor can be tightly attached to the wedges.

3. Loss: The loss of SPC floor varies according to the size and shape of the room, whether there are special shapes (such as platforms, partitions, etc.), etc. Generally speaking, the room is square and the loss is small, generally less than 5%, It is generally 3%-5%, and the loss of individual special-shaped structures may exceed 5%.

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