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What's Special About SPC Floors

1. SPC floor is 100% waterproof and moisture-proof, mothproof, fireproof, non-deformed, non-foaming, non-mold

SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder. It is naturally not afraid of water, so there is no need to worry that the floor will deform and foam when it is soaked, or mildew due to high humidity, or deformed due to changes in temperature. . Anti-moth, anti-termite, effectively eliminate pest harassment and prolong service life.

SPC floor material has natural flame retardancy, and the fire rating has reached B1 level. So now many public spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements use SPC flooring for this reason.

2. SPC floor is non-slip, flexible and feels good

The surface layer of the SPC floor is treated by the special process of PUR crystal shield, the surface has good thermal insulation performance, it will not be cold when you step on it, and the foot feels more comfortable. The floor substrate is added with a flexible rebound technology layer, which has good flexible rebound performance. It can be repeatedly bent 90 degrees without any problem. You can play on it with confidence without worrying about falling and hurting. Nanofibers feel more astringent when wet, and the friction will become greater. So no matter what kind of shoes you wear, you can achieve good anti-skid performance.

3. SPC floor is sound-absorbing, noise-proof and high-temperature resistant

SPC floor has an incomparable sound absorption effect of ordinary floor materials. Its sound absorption performance can reach 15-19dB, which can save up to 30% of indoor energy, and is resistant to high temperature (80°C) and low temperature.

4. SPC floor antibacterial

SPC floor has certain antibacterial properties. Antibacterial agents are added in the production process, which has strong killing ability and inhibiting bacterial reproduction ability for most bacteria. Therefore, SPC has high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms. Flooring is the ideal choice.

5. SPC floor is suitable for floor heating, heat preservation and energy saving, no harmful gas

The rock powder substrate layer of SPC floor is the same as mineral rock, which has good thermal conductivity and thermal stability. It is very suitable for installing floor heating. After reaching a certain temperature, the heat is released evenly. Its base material has a flexible and resilient layer, and the wear-resistant layer on the surface can achieve effective heat preservation. The SPC floor itself does not contain formaldehyde and harmful substances, and will not release formaldehyde and harmful gases when heated.

6. SPC floor is not deformed and easy to clean

SPC floor does not crack, expand, or deform, and does not require repair and maintenance, which is easy to clean and saves later repair and maintenance costs.

7. SPC floor has a wide variety of colors

The colors of SPC floor are beautiful and diverse, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, hand scratch pattern, pair pattern, mirror pattern, wood floor pattern, etc., and can even be customized. The lines are realistic and beautiful, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, which can combine to create a beautiful decorative effect.

8. SPC floor is ultra-thin, easy to install and fast

The spc floor has a thickness of about 3.5mm-7mm, including China 6mm pvc flooring wpc floor spc vinyl floor, and is light in weight, less than 10% of ordinary floor materials. In high-rise buildings, it has unparalleled advantages for stair load-bearing and space saving. Its lock type adopts international patent. The bayonet is aligned and snapped together, and the installation is very convenient. There is no need for special treatment on the ground, and it can be installed directly after leveling/self-leveling.

In addition, it can be directly paved on the original tiles and the floor without knocking out the old tiles, which is very suitable for renovation and renovation of old houses.