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05, 2023
Why Choose SPC Floor?
When decorating a new home, many families choose wooden flooring. However, over time, wooden floors are prone to warping and edge lifting, and are not waterproof, making them difficult to repair when ...
05, 2023
SPC Flooring: From Zero to Finished Product
Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) FlooringSPC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring developed based on high-tech technology. It has zero formaldehyde, mold resistance, moisture resis...
05, 2023
Do You Know Why SPC Flooring is Becoming Increasingly Popular?
SPC flooring is known for its high quality and affordability, and is highly popular among people. It uses renewable green resin as its main material, which is environmentally friendly. Compared to tra...
05, 2023
Why SPC Flooring Is the First Choice for Decoration?
SPC flooring has had a huge impact on human life since its birth. It is made of natural marble powder, forming a solid base with high density and high fiber mesh structure, covered with a super wear-r...
05, 2023
Six Reasons Why SPC Flooring Becomes the Latest Favorite in the Flooring Industry?
Since its introduction, SPC flooring has been widely loved by consumers. This is not only due to our good advertising, but also because the product itself is a big hit. Today, we will talk about the s...
10, 2022
What Are the Types of CHONGNUO SPC Flooring?
Ⅰ. SPC floorCHONGNUO SPC flooring adopts international advanced equipment and technology, allowing you to enjoy a better life.1. 3.5mm SPC floorSPC 3.5mm vinyl flooring is the latest luxury vinyl flo...
10, 2022
Development of SPC Flooring in the Future Market
Today is an era of pursuing sustainable development, and new materials and new energy are emerging in an endless stream. SPC floor is the only floor decoration material that can be recycled, which is ...
10, 2022
What is SPC Flooring?
The economic improvement of people will affect the interior decoration, especially the decoration of the floor. So what exactly is SPC floor? Ⅰ. What is SPC floor?1. SPC floor is the lock floor. It m...
10, 2022
How to Install SPC Floor?
Now many customers who are interested in SPC floor are concerned about a question, is SPC floor easy to install? Today, CHONGNUO will give you a detailed introduction to how to install the SPC floor....
09, 2022
Advantages of SPC Flooring
1. The green environmental protection of SPC floorThe main raw material of SPC floor is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable resource. It has ...
09, 2022
The Future Development Trend of SPC Floor
1. Antibacterial SPC floorDue to the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous strengthening of health and environmental protection awareness, especially due to the im...
08, 2022
What's Special About SPC Floors
1. SPC floor is 100% waterproof and moisture-proof, mothproof, fireproof, non-deformed, non-foaming, non-moldSPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder. It i...