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The Future Development Trend of SPC Floor

1. Antibacterial SPC floor

Due to the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous strengthening of health and environmental protection awareness, especially due to the impact of epidemic diseases such as influenza and COVID-19, consumers are paying more and more attention to the home environment.

Antibacterial SPC floor is to add a certain amount of antibacterial agent to the floor material, and then processed into antibacterial SPC floor, which can inhibit the reproduction of surface bacteria, and then achieve the purpose of long-term hygiene and safety.

2. Electric heating SPC floor

The electric heating SPC floor is made of nano-carbon crystal molecular heating core material. Under the action of micro-current, the core material generates vibration and friction to generate heat and dissipates heat to the room. The electric-heat conversion rate is above 96%, which is very efficient. , waterproof, insulation and other properties are very good, even if it works in an extreme environment, it is not easy to cause safety accidents.

The electric heating SPC floor has high thermal efficiency, and its heat can be well maintained within the benefit range of the human body, and the loss in the process of heat transfer is very small.

3. Lightweight SPC floor

The lightweight of China living room SPC flooring, under the condition of ensuring the same performance of SPC floor, through foaming co-extrusion and other processes, further reduce the weight of SPC floor, reduce transportation and installation costs.

4. The new format size meets the SPC floor of the new paving scheme

In addition to the traditional size floors, SPC floors with new sizes such as 300*600 and 600*600 are constantly being developed and used to meet the individual market demands, and the products are more widely used.

5. Wood (bamboo) veneer SPC floor

Wood (bamboo) veneer SPC floor is based on SPC formula, the surface is covered with wood (bamboo) skin, and then the surface is treated with wear resistance, water resistance and anti-aging.

In this way, the natural texture of SPC wooden flooring is maintained, and the product has all the advantages of SPC floor, which is an ideal floor covering material.

6. SPC floor produced by 3D printing equipment

With the maturity and improvement of 3D printing technology and the rapid development of the trend of personalized demand for floor products, 3D printing technology can be customized, can print any color and pattern characteristics, and can print wide-format products. has developed rapidly.

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