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Analysis of Several Advantages of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is a new type of flooring, also known as stone plastic flooring. Its full name is Stone Plastic Composite Flooring. It is a composite sheet made by mixing calcium powder and thermoplastic polymer, and then being hot-pressed and molded at high temperature. This type of sheet has the performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic, which makes it superior to other types of flooring, hence the name SPC flooring.

The advantages of SPC flooring mainly target usage in our homes and the advantages it has compared to other types of flooring or tiles. These advantages are actually based on the performance of SPC floor. As SPC's main raw material is calcium powder, and the production process is to plasticize and extrude into sheets, SPC floor generally has the following advantages:

Excellent environmental performance

This is also a problem that many friends need to consider before choosing flooring. SPC floor is a new type of environmentally-friendly, formaldehyde-free floor decoration material. SPC floor does not use glue during production, and many materials like formaldehyde come from glue. Therefore, SPC flooring is free of formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic and harmful substances.

It can be said that it is a truly zero formaldehyde, green and environmentally-friendly product. Compared with some composite flooring, this is indeed a major advantage.

Good waterproof and moisture-proof effect

When laying wooden flooring in our homes, we always consider the environment. If it is particularly humid, we dare not use wooden flooring, but with SPC flooring, there is no need to worry.

Because SPC floor has very good waterproof and moisture-proof effects, and also has anti-mold characteristics. This solves the worry about traditional wooden flooring being susceptible to water and moisture, making SPC floor suitable for a wider range of uses. For example, SPC floor can be used in our bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.

Excellent skid resistance

When choosing floor materials, we always consider the characteristics of the floor. For example, the bathroom floor must have skid-resistant material, and the same is true for the living room.

As the surface of SPC flooring is treated with a special wear-resistant layer, this wear-resistant layer has very high skid resistance. Moreover, it also has good skid resistance when exposed to water, so there is no need to worry about the floor becoming slippery when it gets wet. This is especially important when there are elderly people and children at home.