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What Are the Accessories for SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring accessories include baseboards, T-molding, reducers, end caps, quarter rounds, and stair nose. Over the years, baseboards and T-molding have been the most popular among customers.

SPC flooring accessories

SPC T-molding

T-molding is used to transition between two floors of the same thickness. It is a plastic molding used for various products such as table tops, countertop edges, and boats.

SPC reducers

SPC-produced flooring decor reducers are suitable for floors of various thicknesses. Made from 100% raw materials, the tapered tube is used to transition from laminated flooring to different heights of flooring with a minimum height difference of 1/4 inch.

SPC flooring baseboard

Covers the lowest part of the interior wall. The SPC flooring baseboard provides a functional gap between furniture, flooring, and walls. This is important for the long-term protection of the house walls.

SPC flooring end cap

Covers the floor to help prevent damage. The vinyl flooring end cap is a piece of right-angle wood that covers the top and edges of the floor with some wood to complete the floor.

SPC quarter round

To cover gaps and flaws between baseboards and floors. SPC quarter round is another styling option that is often used with baseboards to hide gaps and flaws between the foundation and the floor.

SPC stair nose

The SPC stair nose is used to make the top horizontal surface of the stairs rounded. It not only provides a unique smoothness to the edge of the step, covers the exposed edge of the surface material, but also helps to make the step walk safely.

Why choose CHONGNUO SPC flooring accessories?

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The CHONGNUO SPC flooring accessories will add the finishing touch to your flooring project.

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