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Methods for SPC Floor Maintenance

SPC flooring reduces wear and tear

If possible, take off your shoes when walking on the floor to reduce the chance of being scratched by rocks and sand.

When moving furniture, use quarter-inch plywood and hardwood boards to protect your SPC floor to prevent scratches and abrasions. Place stain-free protectants under movable furniture such as chairs, sofas, cabinets, and tables to further prevent any dents.

If you're a pet lover, be aware that animal paws can also leave scratches on your floor. Regular trimming of your pet's nails and claws will help reduce potential scratches. It is also common sense to avoid using abrasive scrubbing tools on your SPC floor.

Choose appropriate SPC floor protectors

Most rubber pads or protectors contain antioxidants to make them last longer and not become brittle. However, when these antioxidant compounds come into contact with SPC floor, they can form a chemical reaction that leads to yellow stains, also known as "antioxidant stains."

In addition to the pale yellow stain, avoid using non-color-fast protectants, as their color will eventually leave permanent stains on your floor.

Clean SPC flooring with diluted vinegar solution

Some people say vinegar is too acidic and can harm the protective layer of SPC flooring. In fact, vinegar is not only safe, but is a natural and effective way to keep your floor clean. It also helps to remove any remaining odors from the floor.

Use SPC flooring polish

Polishing your floor can definitely help you maintain its shine and beautiful appearance. Just follow these simple steps, but be careful not to overdo it.

  • First, sweep the SPC floor to remove any debris and dust.

  • Mop the stains with a mop.

  • Follow the polish instructions to start polishing your floor.

SPC flooring maintenance requires pulling curtains

Long exposure to extreme sunlight may cause your SPC floor to fade, become dull or discolored. Pull down blinds or curtains to prevent it from being affected by extreme sunlight and heat.

Waxing SPC flooring

Waxing can sometimes cause many floor problems and troubles. In most cases, the problem arises when the owner uses the wrong waxing product. Speaking of which, you should never try to wax your floor with products like paste wax on your own.

Seeking professional advice and services for polishing or waxing your floor will be safer.

Add a layer of protection to your SPC flooring

In high-traffic areas, over time the wear layer will wear off. This situation usually occurs in commercial applications. It can be said that it is not necessary for residential flooring. What should you do? As part of daily maintenance, add another layer of varnish to extend the life of your floor.

Keep SPC flooring away from direct heat

Most people may not be aware of this. SPC floor is sensitive to heat. Any direct heat from matches, heating devices, and cigarette butts will leave scars or damage it.

Therefore, the next time you deal with high-heat items, make sure to support the hot surface with a carpet or mat, rather than placing it directly on the SPC floor.