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Amazing Replacement of SPC Floor for Home Renovation

In the new era of continuously improving aesthetics, more and more people are paying attention to the quality and style of their lives. However, traditional outdated renovations no longer meet the new requirements, whether in terms of beauty or living comfort.

As a difficult point for renovating old houses, how can we create a comfortable and stunning living experience that saves time, effort, and money when it comes to floor decoration?

Experienced designers answer, "Directly install SPC floor on old tiles!"

Installing SPC floor on tiles can save costs

Directly installing SPC flooring on tiles means skipping a series of steps such as removing old tiles and leveling the ground, saving time, effort, and cleverly reducing the cost of renovation.

Preparatory work must be done for installing SPC floor on tiles

When choosing to directly install SPC flooring on old tiles, it is necessary to carefully check the condition of the ground, handle loosened, hollow, and missing tiles properly, and avoid making noise during use, affecting the residents' experience, and the service life of SPC floor.

Seal and lay moisture-proof mats when installing SPC floor on tiles

Choose moisture-proof mats of good quality to ensure that the installation process is not damaged or missing, and is sealed and complete. Generally speaking, choose a moisture-proof mat of about 2mm.

The aesthetic and quality of SPC floor when installed on tiles are both present

The warm and smooth texture of SPC floor brings warmth to the rigid and cold ground, making it delicate and gentle. In the silent and noiseless space, enjoy free and poetic dwelling.

SPC flooring, focused on environmentally friendly and quality flooring. The perfect artistic decoration, easy and convenient installation, and the ultimate balance of warmth and romance!

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